Collection: Crystal Diffuser Collection

Minimalist Decor Desk Concrete Tray Mineral | ** |Crystal Essential Oil Holder Diffuser Dish | Handcrafted in the USA

Enjoy immediate diffusion of fragrance in your office to LIFT your senses or by your bedside to RELAX your nerves. The minerals you select help energize, align, and/or balance the body to bring it in harmony with all of its surroundings. It can also help you engage in deeper meditation and thought. This Minimalist Concrete Mineral | Crystal Diffuser Dish is the perfect addition to any small space to deliver positive energy vibrations and an aromatic experience, no outlet required.

A quick way to charge your crystals is to use the power of the moon or sun. Full moons are incredibly powerful. Leave your crystals out overnight in moonlight, even more so during a full moon. Sunlight works to cleanse as well, so you can also leave a crystal in full sun for a day.

After charging the crystals, place on the diffuser dish and drip 5-10 drops of essential oil onto the crystals. Reapply as desired.